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The importance of being open and transparent

It is crucially important for Amgen to collaborate in the process of discovering, developing, improving and making available innovative therapies that help patients. Our partners in this are care providers, care institutions and patient organizations. We understand the societal importance of us being open and transparent about these collaborations and any corresponding compensation. We report annually on the financial links between Amgen and professionals, institutions and other parties involved in care. With the approval of the collaborating partner, these are published in the Healthcare Transparency Register.

R&D costs

We are transparent when it comes to our research and development (R&D) costs. Details are published on the website of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).
These cover R&D expenditure on clinical trials and trials outside of the clinical environment, inclusive of all related costs. The first reporting period is the 2015 calendar year.

2022 R&D Transfer of value rapport Nederland (Update 03/06/2023)
2021 R&D Transfer of value rapport Nederland (Update 03/06/2022)
2020 R&D Transfer of value rapport Nederland (Update 27/05/2021)
2019 R&D Transfer of value rapport Nederland (Update 2/06/2020)
2018 R&D Transfer of value rapport Nederland (Update 24/05/2019)
EFPIA Disclosure Code Methodological Note (English)
Amgen EFPIA Disclosure Code Self-Certification Scheme

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Every day, around 680 people are working on the distribution, marketing and sale of our high-quality medicines and on clinical research into new medicines

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In everything that we do, we pursue our mission: to serve patients. In every step that we take, we are led by our core values.

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We are committed and are working together with our partners inside and outside the healthcare sector to create a better future.


We are transparent and open regarding our collaboration with third parties and R&D costs

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We have worked on scientific discoveries and innovations for more than 40 years.

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