Round table with national and local politicians on Amgen's impact on the local economy

The shared perception of the added value of the Life Sciences & Health sector

In the run-up to the municipal elections, Amgen, Janssen and MSD organized three meetings. Politicians, entrepreneurs and public organizations discussed the value of the Life Sciences and Health sector for the economy, innovation and employment.

On Monday, February 21, the second edition took place in Breda, with the main focus: Brabant as international hotspot for the Life Sciences & Health sector. Half of the total Dutch production value of this sector and a quarter of all jobs are located in this region - especially biotech is growing rapidly. The biotech company Amgen is one of the largest employers in Breda. It plays an important role in this region as a specialist in logistics and distribution of medicines. Danielle IJkema, Executive Director Supply Chain of Amgen, spoke with CDA second chamber member Mustafa Amhaouch about the specific role of Amgen in the Brabant ecosystem. The video outlines the strength of the region and how this can be further strengthened.

Illustrative for all three meetings was the shared perception of the added value of the Life Sciences & Health sector for employment, R&D investments in the Netherlands and the power of cooperation between all parties within the ecosystem.

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