8 Ways $30 Million from Amgen Foundation Commitment Will Improve STEM Education Globally

It was recently announced that the Amgen Foundation has more than doubled its commitment to LabXchange, a free virtual science education platform.

"Everyone needs science, and to address the challenges of our world, science needs everyone. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the Amgen Foundation is committing an additional $30 million to LabXchange over the next three years," said Eduardo Cetlin, President of the Amgen Foundation.

"LabXchange is an online science education platform that provides science learning opportunities for students and educators worldwide. Personally, I am proud of this continued partnership with the LabXchange team at Harvard University, as it aligns with our values so closely. Together, we are inspiring future generations to transform the world through science"

Click here to see the eight ways that this additional $30 million commitment will advance science education as communicated through leaders and educators who support this effort.

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