Amgen 2021 surprises 619 Zonnebloem participants in Breda with a Christmas gift

A special Christmas gift

Employees of biotechnology company Amgen support De Zonnebloem this year with a special Christmas gift. A large number of employees have donated their own Christmas hampers to De Zonnebloem and in addition Christmas hampers have been composed with, among others, delicacies from bakery Van der Kleij. Due to the coronation measures, the annual Christmas dinner with De Zonnebloem participants could unfortunately not take place.

The De Zonnebloem enriches the lives of people with physical disabilities thanks to the efforts of a large group of volunteers, who make social and recreational activities possible. In the Christmas period, a little extra attention is important for this group of people, so that they can fully enjoy the holidays.

René van der Velden, volunteer of De Zonnebloem in the Breda region, explains: "Especially our target group is limited in its freedom of movement and due to corona the risk of social isolation is high. In these special times, people deserve a little extra attention. We therefore greatly appreciate Amgen's action."

From left to right: Janneke Dekker, Jenny Cleven, René van der Velden (De Zonnebloem), Charles van Haaster, José Roseboom (rest all Amgen)

From left to right: Sara McCabe - General Manager Amgen Netherlands, René van der Velden - volunteer De Zonnebloem, Charles van Haaster - Medical Sr. Manager

It is already the fourth year in a row that Amgen in Breda organizes a Christmas campaign. Sara McCabe, General Manager of Amgen Netherlands: "It is not obvious for people with physical disabilities to go out and due to the corona crisis many regular Zonnebloem outings fell through. We hoped to be able to offer them a Christmas dinner again, but just like last year, this could not take place. This filled Christmas bag is hopefully a good alternative, which the participants of De Zonnebloem in Breda will surely appreciate. Every year, Amgen responds with great enthusiasm to this Christmas action, my colleagues and I find it very important that there is attention for this, especially now."

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