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Value Solutions

Valuable co-creation with healthcare providers, patients and other partners

Together with healthcare providers, patients and other valuable partners, we seize opportunities to measure and improve outcomes of healthcare. We do this by means of our Value Solutions in which we use our proven tools, expertise and experience to co-create the right solutions. Our current range of Value Solutions consists of care path optimization and implementing outcome sets and improving these outcomes. In addition, we support our partners with the needed change (management) with regards to these topics.

Why do we do this?

We are convinced that step-by-step we must transition towards a model of outcome-based healthcare to make healthcare sustainable and guarantee the best care for every patient. All solutions provided are then paid for according to the outcomes achieved and the value for the patient. In other words, the success of the treatment becomes rewarded. Success depends on both medical and patient-reported outcomes (such as Quality of Life) and therefore will have to be measured. The Value Solution 'Outcomes Sets' helps with this. In addition, we also want to improve the outcomes and with our Value Solution 'Care Path Optimization' we help healthcare organizations with the improvement of care paths.

Together we will then grow towards a new business model in which payment is aligned with the results and success of our treatments.

Our Value Solutions

We are continuously working on measuring and improving outcomes in healthcare to move towards a new healthcare system. The Value Solutions form the basis for this, of which the Value Solutions 'Care Path Optimization' and 'Outcomes Sets' have now been fully developed.

Care Path Optimization

In co-creation with healthcare providers, we improve care paths in hospitals and healthcare organizations. This not only benefits the healthcare organizations, but also emphasized to create more value for the patient.


To measure and improve outcomes of all care delivered, we use outcome sets for develop a specific outcome set if not available yet. Together with the healthcare organization, we implement the outcome set to allow optimizations with the biggest positive impact on the outcomes healthcare.

Questions? Would you like to know more about our Value Solutions? Please contact Amgen BV.