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Care Solutions

Trends & developments

The demand for healthcare in the Netherlands has increased significantly in recent decades, amongst others due to aging, higher life expectancy and an increase in chronic diseases. To guarantee access to high quality healthcare, now and in the future, Amgen has taken the initiative to develop innovative healthcare solutions, which will unburden the healthcare system, by replacing and transferring hospital care to home. These care solutions have one priority: offering the right care to the right patient at the right location.

Caresolutions team

Amgen’s caresolutions team is, together with patients, care providers and other parties within and outside the healthcare sector, engaged in the (further) development of our healthcare solutions. We are in daily contact with all those stakeholders in order to contribute to a successful treatment for every patient.

Valuable support

Our care solutions are quadruple, all of which are supported by analyzing Real World Data (RWD) and monitoring the outcomes of a patient's treatment
  • First, there are our smart devices, such as an 'on-body injector' for oncology patients, with which we can provide patients with the necessary treatment on time at home;
  • Then there is our ambition to support hospitals in moving their care services to home;
  • We are also continuously innovating our online support - such as the development of an accessible patient portal;
  • Finally - and most comprehensively - there is the AmgenCare program, which offers support to the individual patient at home to help increase therapy compliance.

Together, these four healthcare solutions form a tailor-made solution with which we, together with our partners, support the healthcare system on a daily basis


Would you like to know more about the various (home) care programs? Please contact Amgen BV