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Our outcome based solutions

The demand for healthcare in the Netherlands has increased significantly in recent decades. The aging population, higher life expectancies and an increase in chronic diseases are among the reasons for this.

In order to safeguard the quality of and access to healthcare, now and in the future, Amgen has taken the initiative to develop innovative healthcare solutions with at least two priorities:

  • Our value solutions focus on measuring and improving patient care outcomes in order to incrementally shift to a value-driven healthcare system.
  • Our care solutions focus on unburdening the healthcare system by replacing and moving care closer to home. These care solutions have only one priority: offering the right care to the right patient at the right location.

Our outcome based solutions are complementary and can be used both together and individually. In this way, we can offer a tailor-made solution for each care path.

Click on the images below for more information on our value and care solutions.

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Our medicinesicon

Amgen discovers, develops, produces and supplies innovative medicines for patients suffering from serious diseases.

Our care solutionsicon

We do more than medicines. With our care solutions, we try to add value for the patient.

Amgen biosimilarsicon

Biosimilars are biologic medicines that are highly similar to existing licensed biologic products. They offer the possibility to give a larger group of patients access to essential medicines.

Medical informationicon

Medical questions about our medicines? You can contact us here.