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Our vision

The healthcare system in the Netherlands is under pressure. The growing demand and rising costs of healthcare are not sustainable. What will happen if new, innovative medicines and preventive therapies are too expensive, are not made available or will not be reimbursed? In what kind of world will our children and grandchildren grow up?

Step by step towards successful treatments

A huge change is required to make healthcare sustainable for future generations. We are convinced that step by step we must transition towards a model in which treatments, initiatives and collaborations are paid for according to the result and the value for the patient. This does not only concern clinical results, but also the quality of life of the patient. Results that we want to improve through our treatments. This is not only required for making the healthcare system more sustainable, but above all to empower patients to make an informed choice about where and how they can best be treated.

Working together to create a better and more efficient healthcare system

We can´t achieve this alone; we want to work together with all the parties involved. To enter into meaningful partnerships, our organisation is currently in full swing. We deliver more than just medicines. We work together with our partners, advise and provide services that contribute to a better and more efficient healthcare system.

How? Look here how we contribute to better and affordable healthcare:

In this section

Amgen in the Netherlandsicon

Every day, around 680 people are working on the distribution, marketing and sale of our high-quality medicines and on clinical research into new medicines

Mission & valuesicon

In everything that we do, we pursue our mission: to serve patients. In every step that we take, we are led by our core values.

Our visionicon

We are committed and are working together with our partners inside and outside the healthcare sector to create a better future.


We are transparent and open regarding our collaboration with third parties and R&D costs

The history of Amgenicon

We have worked on scientific discoveries and innovations for more than 40 years.

Therapeutic areasicon

The diseases where Amgen is focusing its interest.


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