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Healthcare today is facing a plethora of far-reaching changes - one change following the other in rapid succession. At the same time, the demand for care is increasing due to an aging population, more chronic disorders and ever more treatment options, which puts pressure on the affordability and accessibility of healthcare.

Guided by our mission to help patients, Amgen is focused on delivering medicines that improve treatment outcomes. Amgen is also working on programs that improve our healthcare system.

Amgen wants to make an active contribution to better care

Our company wants to make a future-proof contribution to high-quality care. We do this by working with other parties in the field to optimize the patient value of our innovative therapies and to ensure that these are accessible at the right time for the right patient at a reasonable cost.

We apply Value Based Health Care principles, as evident for example in the efficiency improvements we helped make to a peripheral kidney dialysis center. Without increasing the number of beds or staffing levels, the center was able to accommodate a growing number of dialysis patients. For patients this meant a meaningful reduction in the waiting time for dialysis.

Another example is AmgenCare, our support program for medication use in the home setting. AmgenCare enables an integrated approach to care that not only offers patients guidance on the supply and administration of medicines but also advice on lifestyle and healthy eating. Through a secure online portal we are able to gain insight into treatment outcomes, which can benefit both patients and physicians.

New medicines for high-value care

Amgen is also striving to make an active contribution to better care in the development of new medicines. For example, by developing and producing biosimilars. A biosimilar is a biologic medicine that is similar to the original, for which the patent has expired. This gives individual patients and their physicians additional medication options, often at a lower cost.

For more information about Amgen’s Biosimilars www.amgenbiosimilars.eu