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Amgen Community Guidelines

These community guidelines govern Amgen Europe BV and Amgen BV’s (hereafter called Amgen Netherlands) online and social media presence. It complements the conditions of proper use for YouTube and LinkedIn well as the Terms of Use on amgen.nl.

Amgen Netherlands has a presence on YouTube and LinkedIn. Amgen Netherlands welcomes contributions and comments from people using these social media channels as long as these are in line with these guidelines.

The Amgen Netherlands website and their social media channels are intended for informing the general public about the latest developments with Amgen in The Netherlands and their domains of activity. You acknowledge being fully aware that the information contained on the Amgen Netherlands website and their social media channels are not intended, in any way whatsoever, for the purposes of providing a medical opinion, giving a diagnosis, acting as a substitute for a consultation, opinion or recommendation given by a health professional, or even for the promotion or recommendation of the use of products, whether these are Amgen products or otherwise.

  1. Interactions, contributions and comments made by the public on the social media channels of Amgen Netherlands
  2. You are solely responsible for the data you disseminate and/or use and/or send on the social media channels of Amgen Netherlands. Amgen Netherlands bears no responsibility for the content of statements written by their authors.

    To comment and contribute on these social media channels you must be 18 years or older, or have parental permission in the case of minors, have a valid email address and indicate sources (references, links, etc.) for medical information contained in your comments, if this does not come from your own personal experience.

    Contributions and comments must not:

    • Be off-topic. The objective of the Amgen Netherlands website and their social media channels is to inform the general public of the latest news about Amgen in The Netherlands.
    • Be related to a treatment (whether involving and Amgen product or not), an identified doctor or a healthcare centre, or contain information related to medical treatments (whether involving an Amgen product or not) pursuant to the provisions of the Dutch Medicines Act and the CGR Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising.
    • Contributions and comments must not contain the name of any medication or personal data.
    • Contain material that is defamatory, violent, inciting violence, injurious, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise unacceptable.
    • Mention illegal activities of any kind, such as the unauthorised reproduction, representation or distribution of software, brands, photographs, images, text.
    • Usurp a name or company name.
    • Reproduce, totally or partially, content protected by intellectual property rights, particularly author's rights, and for which you do not own the rights, as well as messages that constitute the counterfeiting of a registered trademark.
    • Misuse the Amgen Netherlands Social Networks department for propagandising, prospecting, soliciting or proselytising for professional, commercial or political ends.
    • Reproduce totally or partially content owned by Amgen Netherlands (including, non-exhaustively, images, articles, multimedia and files) that you recognise as their property
    • And more generally hinder or disrupt the running of the social media channels
  3. Moderation
  4. If a contribution or comment is not in compliance with these guidelines, Amgen Netherlands reserves the right to delete it from their social media channels (if this function exists) without notice. The editorial team will inform you of the reasons for this deletion. They may also ask you to edit your contribution partially to bring it in line with these guidelines.

    Generally speaking, Amgen Netherlands reserves the right not to take part in discussions and to moderate and/or delete comments and contributions on their social media channels that they deem inappropriate.

  5. Pharmacovigilance and product quality claims
  6. The social media channels of Amgen Netherlands are not intended to be a repository for information related to pharmacovigilance or product quality claims, and consequently, any contribution reporting an adverse effect, other safety data or a claim concerning the quality of a product will be moderated. In the event of the occurrence of adverse effects, other safety data or quality claims concerning one of Amgen’s products, or any other safety data, please contact dso.nl@amgen.com.

    Nevertheless, as part of their legal obligations for pharmacovigilance monitoring, Amgen Netherlands will handle this type of reporting. On social media channels, the Amgen editorial team will contact you by private message to find out if you would agree to being contacted by the Amgen Netherlands pharmacovigilance department. If you refuse or do not respond, the report will be treated anonymously. If you accept, your data used for the follow-up will be handled by Amgen Netherlands pursuant to our data protection policy.

  7. IT & freedoms
  8. The personal data that you might share on social media channels is subject to the conditions of use of these channels. To find out more about our data protection practices for the amgen.nl website, we invite you to take a look at our Personal data protection policy.

  9. Content validation
  10. All posts and articles published on the social media channels of Amgen Netherlands are reviewed and validated before going online. When necessary, it is validated by the Medical Department, the Corporate Affairs Department and the Amgen B.V. Regulatory Affairs Department.

    The content is original content created exclusively for Amgen Netherlands. Any medical information published on this site and the Amgen Netherlands Social Networks will mention the list of sources. Any published information concerning the benefit or the performance of a treatment or a specific medical device will make reference to the results of scientific studies and/or published articles.

    This version of these guidelines is dated 23 April 2020 and governs Amgen Netherlands presence on social media channels as well as interactions with internet users from this date onwards. These conditions could be revised at any point, without notice, so we urge you to check them regularly.

    You can contact the webmaster through the Contact page on the Amgen Netherlands website.